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Citizen Science

cit·i·zen sci·ence



  1. the collection and analysis of data relating to the natural world by members of the general public, typically as part of a collaborative project with professional scientists.

Since its inception, the Raccoon River Watershed Association has emphasized the importance of Citizen Science activities.  Over the years we have coordinated and encouraged members to do water testing, logging of plants, insects, birds, mussels and other life in the watershed. 

2021 RRWA 

Bird List

Each year RRWA members who enjoy birding report sightings in the watershed.  If you’d like to be in the birding email group to find out what birds are being reported or to contribute your sightings, please email info@raccoonriver.org.  


Simply CLICK HERE or on the image for the latest list!

Latest RRWA Arthropod List

Click Here for our latest list of Arthropods that are a part of the Raccoon River Watershed! Check back for an ever changing list.

2020 RRWA Bird List

Click Here for 2020 Bird List.