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Make your tax deductible contribution to the RRWA Research and Grant Fund

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2023 grant proposals are now being accepted.

The RRWA supports relevant research in the watershed through their annual grant, promotion and partnerships.   Since 2010 the RRWA has given out nearly $30,000 in grants.  Research findings are presented at the annual “Life in the Raccoon” conference. All contributions to the RRWA Research Fund are tax deductible. 



  1. “Investigations of the Raccoon River” – Todd A. Wical/Dr. Melinda Coogan, BVU, 2009

  2. “Development and Implementation of a Volunteer Wetland Assessment Protocol”  - Sydney Snyder/Dr. Melinda Coogan, BVU, 2009

  3. “Potential Nutrient Effects on Dragonfly/Damselfly Population Dynamics in the Raccoon River Watershed” – Elizabeth McIntyre/Dr. Melinda Coogan, BVU 2011

  4. Data/report(?) of Outlet Creek data for NRCS. MRBI grant – Dr. Melinda Coogan, 3/3/12

  5. “Indicators of Biological Integrity in the North Raccoon River, Greene County,  Iowa” – Rupiper/Summerville, Drake U (impacts on BMIs from 9/12 oil spill near Jefferson), 3/14

  6. “Macroinvertebrate bacterial resistance to triclosan at the Outlet Creek (IA) WWTP outfall and potential for downstream resistance migration.” – Ethan Wilson and Alex Schriber, BVU, 3/15

  7. “The Effects of Land Use and Land Cover on Benthic Macroinvertebrates in the Raccoon River” – Reynolds, Drake U.  3/15

  8. Survey of Milkweed Populations and Monarchs at Dunbar Slough State Wildlife Management Area, Greene County – Rosberg, Drake U. 2016

  9. BMI Study in the Raccoon River – Brodeck, Drake U. 2016

  10. Seasonal nutrient load and nitrate loss in the lower Raccoon River watershed – VanDooren/Dr, Peter Levi, Drake U, 2017

  11. Monarch populations and habitat in the Raccoon River Watershed – Aurand/ Dr. Thomas Rosburg, Drake U., 2017

  12. “Soil nesting site effects on native bee communities in existing CRP contour buffer and filter strips” – Mackert/Dr. Mary Harris, ISU, 2018

  13. Inputs of nutrients and sediment from sub-watersheds of the Raccoon River” – VanDooren and Anderson/Dr. Peter Levi, Drake U. 2018


1. Effects of farm field and margin management in intensive agricultural landscapes – Adam P. Dixon, U. of Maryland

2. Cattails and Associated Invertebrates of Raccoon River Watershed Wetlands - Paul Weihe/Anna Shapiro, Central College, Pella, Iowa.

3. Bacterial and viral indicators of water quality in the lower Raccoon River Watershed -  Peter Levi/Taylor Vroman, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa

4. Tipton Prairie floristic studies – Tom Rosburg, Drake U.

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