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Dunbar Slough Birding Expedition

Raccoon River Watershed Association

Guided birding expedition by Carroll County Conservation Board, Raccoon River Watershed Association(RRWA), and Iowa Ornithological Union (IOU).

Public is invited

Location: Dunbar Slough located on border of Greene and Carroll Counties

Date: Saturday, April 30, 2022

Time: 8-12 AM

Program leader: Matt Wetrich

Start location: Bridge on 270 which is .1 miles east of N58. Also named A Avenue and Apple Avenue. It is between E 53 and E57.

Activity includes stopping at different sites to learn bird identification and facts of birds stopping in their migration.

Nature photographer and naturalist, Matt Wetrich has been head-over-heels into birding for over 25 years. Dunbar Slough Wildlife Areas has been his adopted “patch” since moving to Jefferson more than a decade ago. Of the 285 species that have been recorded in Greene County, some 80% have been detected in the Dunbar Slough complex.

Bring your binoculars/Camera and birding excitement!

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